Phaedrus Music Journal is a digital Art Rock music journal that offers you original and exclusive contents in quarterly issues. In addition to its digital contents Phaedrus publishes albums meticulously crafted and designed in digipack format, with a compilation of the original works published in the Phaedrus Music section. This album is not available for sale and is sent to subscribers at no additional cost – you don’t even have to pay shipping.

Phaedrus Music Journal is structured in the following sections:

Phaedrus Music

In this section you will find original music that is not available for sale anywhere. Every quarter, we present previously unreleased pieces, that you can enjoy online or download in several formats, including lossless.

When the number of published songs reaches approximately 45-50 minutes, Phaedrus releases an album beautifully designed in digipack format. This album is sent to qualified subscribers, at no additional cost. The album is labelled as “not for sale – collection item for Phaedrus subscribers” and will not be available at any point of sale, including on concerts or websites of the featured artists.

Classics Choice

Do you like “Close to the Edge”? Have you ever wondered if you have discovered all the subtle details hidden in the Master works of progressive rock? Can you enjoy a piece at the same level as musicians, or maybe they are aware of details that you don’t perceive? Do you know what stands behind the symbology and the lyrics of your favorite songs?

This section consists of a detailed analysis of a selected progressive rock classic. Do not confuse this with a review; there are tons of reviews of these classics. Our approach is very different. The objective of the analysis is to guide you through the piece, showing details about its music form, how the different thematic material is used and developed, lyric interpretation and its relation to the music, as well as any other relevant information. You can enjoy these analyses online or download them, so you can listen when and where you prefer. But we also include a written version, with all the musical examples presented in the audio program; therefore, you have as a third option the possibility of reading and listening to the program at the same time.

These analyses allow you to rediscover your beloved classics. In addition, you will be developing listening skills that will enhance your enjoyment of music for the rest of your life!

Kotebel Corner

If you like Kotebel music, you have reached the perfect place!

This special corner features rarities, unreleased material and detailed analysis of Kotebel works. You will have access to unpublished live recordings, both audio and video. MIDI templates showing the songs exactly as they were originally conceived by Carlos Plaza, are compared to the final studio version. This sections also offers remixes, as well as online access to video streaming of selected rehearsals.

It is the perfect complement for followers of this leading European band.


“Tonality and the Purpose of Life”, “The Cult to the Ephemeral and Its Effect on Art”.
These titles can give you a good idea about the contents of the articles published in this section. They touch on a wide variety of subjects, always related to art, culture, philosophy, etc. They cover any topic of potential interest to Art Music lovers, except politics. You can regard this section as a private blog, where topics are presented in such a way as to promote your thought and participation in constructive discussions.

Recommended Album

“There are too many progressive rock bands; thousands of albums. How can I find new music that I can really enjoy without investing hours reading reviews?”

This section is based on a very simple principle: If you like the artists that publish their work in Phaedrus, probably you will like the music that they like.

In this vast Internet ocean where so many albums are produced, it is difficult to identify hidden gems. This section includes albums that are highly regarded by the artists featured in Phaedrus. It includes a brief description of the album, highlighting the aspects that make the album so appealing.

This section can become a valuable resource for you to discover music.

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Phaedrus Music Albums

If you are a Premium subscriber, you can receive the Phaedrus Music albums at no additional cost. The number of albums that you can request depends on how long your subscription has been active. The model varies according to the subscription mode:

Qualification Rules

When your subscription reaches a full semester, you will have the right to receive the most recent release and, from that moment on, you will receive all future albums. Each additional 3 months that you keep your subscription, will give you the right to request an album from the back catalogue. This process continues until you get up to date and complete the collection.

Upon subscribing you will be able to immediately request the most recent release. With each subscription renewal, you will be able to request 2 albums from the back catalogue. This process continues until you get up to date and complete the collection.

In this case, you are entitled to 4 albums both on the initial subscription period and on each renewal, until you get up to date and complete the collection. If you are subscribing when Phaedrus already has many published albums, the annual subscription is the fastest option to catch up and get all the Phaedrus Music catalogue.

In order to avoid sending albums to a wrong address, you must request each album and confirm or update your address. We will notify you in advance of each new release in the newsletter and in Phaedrus landing page, as well as on our Facebook pages.

Once the first Phaedrus Music album is published, in the landing page you will find an option where you can easily request the album(s).


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