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Close to the Edge / Part 2

As we saw in the first part of the program, sections A present a sort of “metrical dispute”. In A, the rhythm section first dilutes the 12/8 rhythm played by the melody and sitar, in A’ a more profound metrical confusion is achieved by overlapping out of sync meters. In A’’, the bass line is trimmed on purpose in order to go in sync with the rest of the band. They finally achieve what we could call a sort of rhythmic harmony.

In my opinion, this is the musical representation of what is being expressed in the lyrics. For the sake of this argument, consider the rhythmic section to represent the physical aspect of our being, and the harmonies and melodies, the spiritual one.

Before starting section A, out of the nature sounds emerge a very chaotic musical passage. Full of …

This is an excerpt of the program:

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The Cult to the Ephemeral and its Effect on Art

This article summarizes a series of reflections that I had after reading the book “The Civilization of Entertainment” written in 2012 by Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. There is no distinction between culture and entertainment, and in this transformation process culture has lost its reflexive and profound nature, and has been trivialized. The article also includes some reflections by Igor Stravinsky, from his essays “Poetics of Music”.

The issues discussed in this article, will be linked to the analysis of the piece “Tarkus” by Emerson Lake & Palmer, that will appear in issue # 3 (January 2017).

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Kotebel Corner

Folkloric Rhythms in the Music of Kotebel

Carlos Franco, in addition to being an exceptional drummer, is also an outstanding percussionist both classical and folkloric. He has a strong command of a wide variety of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms and has been able to integrate them seamlessly into the music of Kotebel.

This article presents an exploration through the music of Kotebel, from “Omphalos” to the “Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble”, in order to find these hidden gems….

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