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La Force – The Strength

This arcanum represents the four energy principles known as the tetrapolar magnet and its control over them – the spirit as a power that controls the mind, the mind as a power that controls the energy, and the energy controlling and acting over matter.

As part of this long-term project to put music to all 22 major arcana, I’ve been learning more about this intriguing world of the Tarot. It turns out that some arcana are more closely related to each other than the rest. This, from a musical point of view, is fantastic because it allows me to use common motifs to create “musical subgroups or suites” where these related arcana are bundled.

My plan is for all the pieces to share at least one motive – let’s call it the “Tarot” leitmotif (I wonder if some of you have detected it already) and then use other motives to create these groups.

It turns out that “The Strength” is closely related to “The Magician” and “The High Priestess”. Therefore, we can regard this group as the first “Suite” within the Tarot project. Since the Fool presents the “Tarot” leitmotif, all 4 pieces written so far are thematically related.

“The Strength” features the amazing César G. Forero (Kotebel) on guitars.

Check out the excerpt:

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Classics Choice


The Creative Process

In this article I describe the process that I follow when I’m composing. It includes some metaphysical considerations that are indispensable to understand my approach to writing music.

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Fun Corner

Kotebel Corner

Mysticae Visiones

In this issue, the conceptual framework of the selected pieces for “Classics Choice” (A Passion Play) and “Kotebel Corner” (Mysticae Visiones) are closely related: a musical representation of the after-life. A detailed analysis of the piece is followed by a previously unreleased video with Kotebel’s performance of “Mysticae Visiones” at the Gouveia Art Rock Festival in 2007.

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