Creating a musical representation of "The Mechanical Universe" and "The Entangled Universe" was not too difficult: in "The Mechanical Universe" the pulsating nature of the main theme, the industrial sounds, the baroque emulation of computers, etc. came out naturally. For "The Entangled Universe", it seemed natural to use counterpoint, imitation and a dense interplay between the instruments to represent “entangledness”. However, How to express the concept of "Oneness" in music?

In order to do that, I used the following concept:

Every material object in the Universe, is nothing more than a different manifestation of a single ubiquitous energy. Different patterns of vibration of that universal energy give rise to every physical entity in the universe. If the vibration pattern was altered, the entity would morph into something else.

So, I took that concept and applied it to create "Oneness". The first thing I did, was to ...

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