Phaedrus Music Album # 1 – Triptych

Phaedrus Music’s first album offers a wide variety of styles, from symphonic progressive rock to chamber music. It features Carlos Plaza’s facet as a multi-instrumentalist, accompanied by a host of very special guests, including some very known to Kotebel fans:

Omar Acosta – flute

Cesar G. Forero – guitars

Carlos Franco Vivas – drums

José Luis Espejo – clarinet

Jaime Pascual Summers – bass

Miguel Rossell – cello

The album is named after a three-piece suite whose first movement, “Dawn”, is the original piece from which the Adagio from Kotebel’s “Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble” was based. The album also marks the beginning of a long-term project: to put music to all 22 major Tarot arcana. Triptych includes “The Fool”, “The Magician” and “The High Priestess”. The rest will gradually be presented in future Phaedrus Music albums.

Carlos Plaza explains:

“Triptych” is an album that will appeal to a wide audience of progressive fans. From hard symphonic pieces like “Ignition” to classical chamber music like “The High Priestess”, or even Zeuhl (“Magmatron” – my tribute to Magma), it covers a wide palette of textures and styles.”