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Current Issue: Issue 10/ Winter 2018

Phaedrus Music

Parmenter Piano Pieces – Part 1

Phaedrus is proud to present a group of piano pieces under the collective name “Sonnets, Five Songs for Piano” written by Matthew Parmenter and performed by Adriana Plaza Engelke. In this edition we include “Prelude”, “Chime Song” and “Chorale and Melody”. The suite will be completed in the Spring edition with “Caverns” and “Night Song” plus a piece called “Whole Tones” that will be easily recognized by those acquainted with Parmenter’s solo albums.

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L’Etoile – The Star

“The Star” is one of the most profound spiritual arcanum in the Tarot. It represents the soul’s initiation which follows “The Tower” (stripping away of all the circumstances, thoughts and emotions that imprison our true self).

The mood of this piece presents an ethereal sonic landscape. Following an initial presentation of the “Tarot” main theme, conflicting melodies give way to a long meditative melody, that will also be present in two other arcana closely related to “The Star”: “The Chariot” and “Justice”.

This is an excerpt:

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Classics Choice


Is Prog Alive and Well? (Part 2)

In this article, Carlos Plaza takes the ideas developed in the first part, published in issue #8, as a basis for defining the true nature of this genre. From that perspective, the future of progressive music is discussed.

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Fun Corner

Kotebel Corner

Cosmology Live at Galileo Galilei 2017

These are the first live recordings of pieces from Kotebel’s Cosmology album. They were recorded during the concert where Kotebel shared the stage with Discipline at the venue Galileo Galilei in Madrid, on August 30th 2017.

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