Is Prog Alive and Well (Part 2) Looking into the future.

The first version, or first part of this article, published in issue # 8 of the magazine, was subject to strong criticism and even insults from some readers. The mere fact of considering the possibility that progressive music is not really “rock”, was considered a heresy by some. Follow the link to access the full article.

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The first group of piano pieces by Matthew Parmenter are ready for the next number of Phaedrus

Phaedrus is proud to present a group of piano pieces under the collective name “Sonnets, Five Songs for Piano” written by Matthew Parmenter and performed by Adriana Plaza Engelke. For the Winter edition (February 2018), we will include “Prelude”, “Chime Song” and “Chorale and Melody”. The suite will be completed in the Spring edition with […]

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Is Prog Alive and Well? Part 2….

While doing research as part of the preparation for the analysis of ELP’s Karn Evil 9 (featured classic in the February 2018 issue), I came across some interesting material related to the topic of progressive music and its relation to rock. As you know, I promised a revised version of the article “Is Prog Alive […]

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We have the winner of the Pink Floyd collection!!!

Alexandro Baldasarini has been the lucky winner. Congratulations!!! He will be receiving the box in the next few days days. I’ve asked him to send a picture. Thanks to all those who participated and helped spreading the word about Phaedrus! The Phaedrus Team.

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Is prog alive and well?

Progressive Rock has been making some noise in the media lately. Kelefa Sanneh’s piece “The Persistence of Prog Rock” published by The New Yorker in June of 2017, has stirred up some debate. For this Phaedrus article, I would like to make an experiment. Since the topic is so controversial, I would like to build […]

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New Section: “Fun Corner”

In the next issue we will kick-off a new section: “Fun Corner” where we will include crossword puzzles, trivia, etc. related of course to progressive music. So, be prepared for our first ProgWord Puzzle!!

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Phaedrus Music’s first album – Triptych – now available. Request your copy!!!

I’ve been a little silent due to the intense activity of the past few weeks. A strong promotional campaign was launched (more on this below), our first album “Triptych” was released (with all its logistics complexities) and, in parallel, the new Kotebel album “Cosmology” was recorded and is now being mixed. I hope to release […]

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What’s coming up!!!

With the publication of “La Papesse” (The High Priestess) in issue #6 April, we complete the contents of our first Phaedrus Music album “Triptych”, that will be released in May. It will include all the music published in Phaedrus so far (almost 1 hour of exclusive music). We will let you know as soon as […]

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Is Paul Dead? Turn me on dead man.

Dear Premium subscribers, I just posted an interesting video on Phaedrus private group on Facebook. You surely know the hoax about the death of Paul McCartney. I just found a video that shows images related to the clues as explained in a very interesting radio program that a friend of mine gave me back in […]

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What’s coming for February

Apologies for my silence but I have been extremely busy preparing the contents for the next issue: – Analysis of Starless, including an introductory course on tonality – Detailed analysis of “Ouroboros” including a previously unreleased video of a live version – Last part of the Triptych: Dusk, featuring José Luis Espejo at the clarinet […]

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