Phaedrus Music

La Papesse (The High Priestess)

This arcanum represents the Great Cosmic Mother – the vital force of the Universe. It also represents the unconscious mind, the intuition, the inner self.

This chamber piece is a tribute to composers that I admire – Messiaen, Emerson, Ginastera, Poulenc. It builds and expands the motifs presented in the previous two arcana: “The Fool” and “The Magician”.

Check out the excerpt:

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Classics Choice


Improvisation in Progressive Rock

In this article we describe the various types of improvisation and argue why it is not a key characteristic of progressive rock. Several examples are provided, including some that portray the development of ideas during the composition of “Dancing with the Moonlit Night” by Genesis.

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Fun Corner

Kotebel Corner


This article explains the genesis of “Ra” and presents a previously unreleased version which is a remix and remaster of “Ra” done in 2015. Also, a related piece written by Carlos G. Plaza at the age of 18 is presented. This is also a previously unreleased piece.

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